DIY Moving Tips

Tips for DIY Moving

You can decide to save yourself some few dollars by using family members and friends to help you when moving. However, keep in mind that DIY comes with its own set of risks.

Using professional movers can result in you incurring significant costs that are easily avoidable if you decided to coordinate with several people who are willing to help you out when you are moving.

On the other side of the coin, DIY has its own drawbacks. Your items are no longer handled by experienced and qualified personnel and in case of any damage or accidents happening all the losses will have to fall to you.

Nonetheless, if you decide to move without getting professional assistance, here are some few tips that can be of much importance to you.

Start packing before time

Starting to pack when its late is a common mistake that you should avoid making. Packing should be done before time most preferably more than four weeks before the day of moving. Late packing might result in doing shady work which can lead to items breaking along the way.

Enlist helpers

A DIY move does not necessarily imply that you should do everything by yourself. Start by creating a list of several family members and friends presumably who are strong and can assist you in moving. Doing everything by yourself can have fatal consequences because it can result in breaking of items or even worse you can end up with some few broken bones.

Rent the moving truck

It is important to rent a truck that will facilitate your DIY move. Its cost is considerably lower but usually end up varying depending on the amount of time that you will be in possession of the truck, the size of the truck and other added services that might also be offered.

Book the truck way before the actual day of moving, correctly selecting a specific size that can fit your items. Renting a truck which is smaller means that several trips are needed to fully finish moving and extra cost are incurred in the process.

Don’t pack all at once

Always start by packing the nonessential things as early as possible e.g seasonal clothing and other items that can be missed during a rush hour. Essential items should be carefully packed and placed on the truck reserve when moving to preventing damaging.

Load like a pro

There are few heartbreaking feelings that you can get which can match the one experienced whenever a truck crashes into a bump in a highway. Tightly strap all the items when loading and remember to place the light items on top of the heavy items.  There’s always the case of wanting to have this done for you in which you’ll want to contact professional movers near you.